Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can replace a single tooth or several that are missing next to one another. Bridges are most often supported by existing teeth (known as abutments) that are outfitted with crowns to provide extra support. Because it is held in place by existing teeth, this option is a more permanent solution. The crown we place in your gap is known as a pontic, and it is made from life-like porcelain. This allows it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

How We Craft Them

We take precisely detailed images of your mouth, so your bridge will meet the exact needs and specifications of your smile. From there, we craft it using high-quality, biocompatible material that looks and feels like natural teeth. Not only does this ensure your bridge looks natural, but it also maximizes your comfort. Because they are well-supported, they are very long-lasting and require minimal maintenance care. All you need to do is brush them as you do your existing teeth and visit us for regular examinations. If your missing teeth are not adjacent to one another, we may suggest a dental implant to help you complete your smile.

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If you are missing teeth, it is important to act quickly; you do not want your chewing or speaking to be hindered, and you cannot risk bacteria infiltrating the space. To ask questions or to schedule your appointment, we invite you to call Desert Ridge Prosthodontics in Phoenix, AZ, today at (480)-502-9833.

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